Regular Programme


Buddhist Center Brussels 

Our Public Meditation evenings are Monday and Thursday

NEWCOMERS: Introductory Lecture and Meditation each Monday at 7:30pm in English.

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Buddhist Center Ghent

Public Meditation evening in Ghent on

Thursday 8:30pm

The Buddhist Center in Ghent is taking a two-weeks break.
NO public meditations on May 23rd and May 30th.

We will be back with public meditation on June 6th.



What is Meditation

In Buddhism, meditation means "effortlessly remaining in what is." This state may be brought about by calming and holding the mind, by working with the body's energy channels and meditating on Buddha forms of light and energy. The most effective method is the constant identification with one's own Buddha nature which is taught in the Diamond Way. By keeping the highest view during and between the times of meditation, the goal of the Great (skt. Mahamudra) is reached.

Everything we experience is created in our own mind. This is why it is so important to experience the timeless, indestructible nature of mind. Through meditation, mind’s full potential is realized, which step by step leads to the goal of Buddhist practice: Enlightenment.

How can I try this?

In our centers we use several meditation practices, guided in English. The main practice is the Meditation on the 16th Karmapa. It is offered regularly – in some centers daily – and is ideal for new visitors. Of course, everyone can participate without any obligation or costs.

Lama Ole about meditation: